Raidman offers you:

Recovery of debtor’s debts by out-of-court, speedy procedure and proceeding procedures

Establishment and sale of companies

Physical and legal background studies

Client card

Legal assistance in other areas


Very often companies facing debt-claims have neither time, experience nor knowledge to get their money back. Knowing, how much time and nerves are spent on claiming debts we are gladly ready to take over that task, so you could deal with your main work tasks.

Our agency’s work is based on the legislation of the Republic of Estonia and uses only legal methods and ways. Our agency’s advantages over the state managed institutions are speed, flexibility and efficiency.

There is a solution to every problem! We are persistent- we finish every work!

Debt Market ®

Debt-market has been developed by the debt-collection agency Raidman to create possibilities for selling and buying debts.

Why is it reasonable to sell a debt-claim?

Because inactive claims are not useful for you! Debt-collection agency Raidman offers a possibility to deal with debt-claims by making them available for sell. Practical life has shown that in order to get money back successfully consistent search and all other possibilities must be used. Placing your debt-claim on our market increases significantly your chances to return your money to you.

Why is it reasonable to purchase a debt-claim ?

Because it is profitable! If you wish to buy something (real estate, forest, house, summerhouse, car, stock-share) it is reasonable and economically useful to look at the information on our market of debt-claims because you could save hundreds of thousands on debts that we sell.